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Introducing Grays Harbor Skills

Introducing Grays Harbor Skills

Grays-Harbor-SkillsIn an effort to support the local communities including Grays Harbor County and Pacific County in Washington State, Grays Harbor First (dedicated to support the local economy) is providing a unique portal that will help team up local people, businesses, services and organizations with the talents, skills and abilities of local individuals who seek to help out other locals.

The portal is called Grays Harbor Skills; a free database, where locals (people living in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties) can list their skills, talents and abilities. Listing is free, access to the database is free, but may only be used free of charge by those who live within our local communities.

Grays Harbor Skills is computer and smart-phone enabled giving locals access to other locals in an easy and effective manner. If you’re looking at a particular project or task and could use a hand, it’s easy and simple to click on Grays Harbor Skills and do a search for the assistance that you might need without having to hire a full or part time employee.

In an economy that is suffering, where local jobs may be few and far between, it’s sad to see the feeding frenzy over any local job that is posted… securing employment locally, is like, winning the lottery.

Now, active, healthy, talented and skilled individuals can support their local community while they continue their job search to look for gainful employment by entering their skills into the database matching their abilities with others in need of their unique specialization(s).

Grays Harbor Skills does not engage in transferring funds, managing schedules or make any agreements with the parties, except to provide the tool that joins the hand of the one in need with the one who can fill that need.

All individuals providing their services via Grays Harbor Skills are represented independently and are responsible for their own record keeping and accountability.

Whether you’re looking for a logger with a chainsaw, someone to mow the lawn, watch or walk your dog, wash your car, babysit, design a web site, change a tire, clean out your garage, haul trash, or whatever… Grays Harbor Skills can put you in touch with an individual that needs the help just as much as you do.

In this way, you – armed with Grays Harbor Skills – can help make Grays Harbor a little bit bighter spot in the Pacific Northwest.

Click Here to visit Grays Harbor Skills online and see for yourself.